Visual LANSA Case Study

Earlier this year I was given the opportunity to go to Chicago and share my experiences and thoughts on camera regarding my experiences with Visual LANSA.

I was initially very hesitant to do this as I have never done anything like it before, but I have been trying to be more accepting of trying new things, so I agreed.

I've been in the Software Development field for almost 20 years now and after an initial admittedly rocky start, Visual LANSA has radically changed how I think about and approach software development, specifically web based applications.

I started using Visual LANSA when version 14 was still in beta. Version 14 brought a new way of building web applications and fully embraced LANSA's one language methodology. Being a beta product, it was bit rocky at times. Documentation was still getting updated, features still getting worked out and polish being added. Long after pretty much everyone had given up on it, I kept at it. I think that I had glimpsed something radically different in the world of software development and could see the potential it could bring. The tool I started using a few years ago, is a much better, polished and efficient tool today.

We recorded the video and I really did not want to watch it. I know myself and I knew that I would tear myself to bits with criticism and self doubt. I relied on my wife and my manager to tell me that I did not embarrass myself, my family or my company. They assured me that I have not, and so it continued through its post production phase.

It was recently released publicly as a case study on LANSA's site. After much internal debate, I finally broke down and watched it. I finally realized that I cannot get better at doing anything without knowing how I did. To not rely on others to tell me how I did, but actual see it for myself, flaws and all.

If you are so inclined, below is the link to the case study which has the video embedded.