Eager Fetching Deep Graphs with NHibernate

Eager fetching a deep graph with NHibernate can seem a pretty daunting task, but it can be done.

The trick is not to try to issue one query, but instead multiple queries that are batched together.

I would highly recommended you checkout Ayende’s great post on Eagerly loading entity associations efficiently with NHibernate.

Go ahead, read it, I will wait…

Ok, with that under our belt, consider this graph:


Here we have a Customer, with multiple Locations and Contacts, and a reference to a Demographics and Address object. Each Location and Contact also have a reference to an Address.

If you need to load this whole graph, you are in for a bit of work, and you have to be really careful about the collection associations, if a Customer has 2000 locations, do you really want to load all those in memory?

Lets assume we don’t need the entire graph, but instead want the Customer, 5 of its Locations and their corresponding Address, 5 Contacts, the Demographics and the Primary Address.

As Ayende, taught us, we should do this in multiple queries.

We can issue three queries to do this, one for the Customer itself and  its references (many-to-one), Demographics and PrimaryAddress, one for the Location and its Addresses and one for the Contacts.


Notice in the first query, we are eager fetching, the PrimaryAddress and the Demographics.

The second query, we are fetching the Contacts.

The third query is more interesting, we are fetching the Locations and its Address.

The resulting query, is pretty intense, but works. The below image is only showing a partial view of the actual query.


Disclaimer: This puts a bit of strain on the database, a better solution, IMHO, would be to ditch loading the graph entirely and instead issue a batch of small queries to fetch only the data that needed. Of course every situation is different, so you have to use what makes sense in your situation.

Hope this helps!



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